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Welcome to The Premier Jewelry Catalog Network! We specialize in helping you find Premier Designs, Lia Sophia, Cookie Lee, and other specialty jewelry on the internet. Please take a look around a see if you can find anything you like. Navigate using the categories on the left, or if you know what you're looking for, go ahead and use the search box on the right. Whatever you do, we hope you find what you're looking for!

  • Premier Designs Sale
    Premier Designs Necklaces
    Search our extensive lineup of new and hard-to-find necklaces and find that perfect centerpiece for your spring look.

  • Premier Designs Necklace
    Premier Designs Earrings
    Find the perfect set of earrings to complete your look. Select from current catalog items to hard-to-find discontinued pieces that you never had a chance to buy.

  • Premier Designs Bracelets
    Premier Designs Bracelets
    Browse our extensive collection of award winning bracelets. Your friends will chide with envy when they catch a glimpse...even more so when they find out how much you saved when you bought it.

  • Lia Sophia Jewelry
    Lia Sophia Jewelry
    If you are looking to add a bit of variety to your jewelry box, then be sure to check our our new integrated Lia Sophia Jewelry collection.

  • Cookie Lee Jewelry
    Cookie Lee Jewelry
    Discover new styles and looks that you didn't know existed! Spend a few minutes searching through our online catalog of Cookie Lee jewelry pieces and you might just find something that adds that perfect finishing touch to any look.

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